1. 真空带式干燥原理
真空带式干燥(Vacuum Belt Drying,VBD)技术是一种在真空条件下,连续将液体原料涂布在传送带上,物料随传送带运动经过加热区被干燥,然后被冷却脆化的一种低温干燥方法。在整个干燥过程中,浸膏处于真空、封闭环境,干燥过程温和(工作温度40-145℃),可以最大限度的保持其物性,得到高质量的最终产品。由于物料直接进入真空度下经过一段时间逐步干燥,干燥后所得的颗粒有一定程度的结晶效应,同时从微观结构上看内部有微孔。直接粉碎到所需要的粒径后,颗粒的流动性很好,可以直接压片或者灌胶囊,颗粒具有良好的速溶性。

1. Principle of vacuum belt drying
The vacuum belt drying technology is a kind of low temperature drying method, through which the raw liquid materials are continuously spread onto the conveyor belt under the vacuum condition, and are dried after passing through the heating zone with the movement of the conveyor belt, and then are cooled and made crispy. During the whole drying process, the extracts are in the vacuum closed environment with gentle drying process (working temperature 40-145℃), so that their natures can be maintained to the maximum extent and high quality final products can be obtained. As the materials are gradually dried within a period of time after they directly enter the vacuum condition, the granules obtained after being dried have the crystallization effect to a certain degree. Viewed from the micro structure, there are micropores inside. After they are crushed into the diameter required, the granules can be used for direct tablet pressing or capsule filling with good flowability and good instant solubility.
The vacuum belt drying technology has a wide application range. It is suitable for most extracts, and is especially suitable for materials of high viscosity, materials that are easy to agglomerate, and thermoplastic and heat sensitive materials. The use of vacuum belt drying can conquer the defects of too fine and dense spray drying powder with too high temperature. In addition, the conveyor belt running speed, material thickness, temperature, environment vacuum degree and other parameters can be adjusted to meet different technological requirements of products, which are far more superior to the spray drying machine.



2. VBD系列真空带式干燥机组概述
VBD系列真空带式干燥机组已先后被列入“十一五”国家科技支撑计划项目、湖南省科技厅重大科技攻关项目以及湖南省“重大科技专项(优先主题)社会发展项目”。 共发表科技论文4篇、专利申请受理6项,其中发明专利数占4项、获得专利授权1项,实用新型专利2项。

2. Summary to BVD series vacuum belt drying unit
The VBD series vacuum belt drying unit is a modern pharmaceutical device successfully researched and developed by Changsha Jinzhao Technology Co.,ltd. in recent years. It has been put into scale production in many domestically famous pharmaceutical, food and biological enterprises. The equipment can operate stably with prominent energy saving and emission reduction effects. After evaluation by the expert panel from Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department, the VBD series vacuum belt drying unit passed the technical appraisal of scientific results of Hunan province in 2008 (appraisal certificate No.X.J.X.J.Zi [2008] No. 186). Its design and manufacturing technologies are at the leading level in the country.
The VBD series vacuum belt drying unit has been successively included into the "11th Five-year Plan" National Pillar Programs for Science & Technology, Key Technological Breakthrough Projects in Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department and "Key Scientific Special (Priority Subject) Social Development Projects" in Hunan province. There are totally 4 scientific papers that have been published, 6 patent applications have been accepted, with 4 patents of invention, 1 patent licensing and 2 patents of utility model.

3. VBD系列真空带式干燥机组的核心技术及特点
① 采用数字化集成制造技术,实现了动态真空干燥过程中的自动检测和控制。
② 采用数字化组合式纠偏技术,攻克了料带在真空干燥过程中的跑偏难题,料带输送系统具有自动在线修正功能,可确保设备长时间连续运行。
③ 采用新型过热水加热技术,可在(40~145℃)的温度范围内在线自由调节,由于采用了液态全封闭循环加热媒介,因此加热温度的稳定性和能耗利用率均优于传统的蒸汽加热技术。
④ 采用动态真空度自动在线调节和控制技术,可对干燥工艺的温度、真空度、速度等主要参数进行优化组合,使设备的工作利用率达到最理想的经济效益。
⑤ 采用CIP自动在线清洗系统,清洗方式多样化,可对设备进行全方位的清洗,清洗效果彻底、快捷,符合GMP要求。
⑥ 配料系统、进、出料系统可根据不同的物料特点进行多种优化设计及配置组合,以满足用户的工艺要求。
⑦以人性化的设计为原则:主机机身采用保温隔热措施,使设备工作温度与操作环境温度保持在适合的范围内, 设备内外部均设计有相应的检修通道,便于日常的维护和保养。
3. Core technologies and features of the VBD series vacuum belt drying unit
① The digital integrated manufacturing technology is adopted to realize automatic detection and control during the dynamic vacuum drying process.
② The digital combination type deviation correction technology has conquered the difficulty of the material belt's running off the center during the vacuum drying process. The material belt conveying system is provided with automatic online correction function to ensure long-time continuous operation of the equipment.
③ The new model overheating water heating technology is adopted, and online adjustment can be freely made within the temperature range of 40~145℃. As the fully-closed liquid circulated heating medium is adopted, the stability of heating temperature and energy consumption utilization rate are all superior to those of the traditional steam heating technology.
④ The automatic online adjustment and control technology for the dynamic vacuum degree is adopted to carry out optimized combination of main parameters such as temperature, vacuum degree, speed and etc. in the drying process, so as to make the working utilization rate of the equipment achieve the ideal economic benefit.
⑤ The CIP automatic cleaning system is adopted with diverse cleaning modes to carry out all-round cleaning of the equipment. With thorough and rapid cleaning effect, it conforms to GMP requirements.
⑥ The dispensing system, feeding and discharging systems can be subjected to optimized design and combination according to different material features, so as to meet technological requirements of users.
⑦ The principle of user-friendly design is adopted: The body of the main machine adopts heat preservation and isolation measures to keep the working temperature and ambient temperature within the suitable range. Corresponding maintenance passages are designed inside and outside the equipment for the convenience of daily maintenance and servicing.



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